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2009-02-08 15:19:17 by Terraflames

This are project im working on, maybe i will upload all of them, maybe not all of them. i will see=)

1. A Beautiful Day RMX
2. Unknown name
3. Back in the Days RMX
4. I like to move it RMX
5. Lambada RMX
6. Unknown name


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2009-02-08 16:53:54

Perhaps you need to give it a rest and do something different. Inspiration comes when you are less expecting it. It happens to me listening to a song... and suddenly I wrote the lyrics for it. Things need time.

Take care.

Terraflames responds:

yea, i just got too many projects, af i get bored of 1 prject, i just start on one of my other projects=)